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Why Choose Mag Mile Law For Your Sport Contract Law Needs

At Mag Mile Law, we work with professional athletes, amateur athletes, team owners and senior leadership on a variety of contracts in the sports industry. Like any contract, sports contracts are legally binding documents and should never be signed without the review of a licensed attorney who specializes in sports contract law.

The attorneys at Mag Mile Law have represented a variety of sports entities and figures, including a soccer association, soccer club, hockey association, hockey club, sports helmet manufacturer, baseball association, and national fitness chain. Additionally, we have even represented a Designated Player for a MLS club and a player for the Chicago Cubs in closing real estate transactions. Our team has expertise in negotiating contracts, drafting contracts, and litigating disputes over contract terms in courts of law.

Player Management at Mag Mile Law

Mag Mile Law can also represent soccer players on and off the field as a soccer agent through its Partner, Mario Iveljic. Mario was a soccer player himself, having played for highly respected clubs in the Chicagoland area before becoming a 3-year starter for the Yale University men’s soccer team. After college he continued his soccer career by playing semi-professionally while practicing law at the same time.

Mario has played with and against soccer players who played in World Cups, the UEFA Champions League, and in domestic and foreign leagues. Mario is a licensed soccer agent by FIFA and has developed an extensive network of soccer contacts in the United States and Europe that can assist in the placement of soccer players with clubs both domestically and abroad. Each soccer client works directly with Mario, whose focus is maximizing his clients’ earnings potential on and off the field while also preparing them for life after soccer.

Sports Contract Cases We Can Assist With

Soccer Player Contracts and Player Agent Management

Our soccer clients work directly with Mario Iveljic, a licensed soccer agent by FIFA, who counsels his clients on the ins-and-outs of the complicated terms in sporting agreements and helps them maximize their earning potential both on and off the pitch.


Mag Mile Law can negotiate the terms of sporting contracts, whether it is an employment contract, endorsement deal or NIL contract. If there is a dispute over a sporting contract, Mag Mile Law is there to assist its client resolve the issue.

Sports Related Transactions

Mag Mile Law can handle any of your sports-related transaction needs from property acquisitions, setting up initial corporate documents and by-laws, to supporting the team side on player acquisition and contracts.

NCAA Player Eligibility

The rules and regulations for NCAA athletes are complex and evolving. Our team at Mag Mile Law assists clients in understanding the NCAA rules and how to ensure that their clients maintain their NCAA eligibility.

Immigration and Playing Outside of the US

Whether you are a team looking to recruit someone from outside the U.S. or you are an American athlete interested in playing your sport in Europe – Mag Mile’s legal team will help with contract negotiations, immigration rules and regulations and ensure all parties have a favorable outcome. 

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